Off The Grid

Couple Downsize Into Dream Off-The-Grid Tiny House

This weeks episode takes is to Armstrong in British Columbia and to the incredible off-the-grid tiny home of pioneering couple Oliver and Cera. Their stunning home on wheels has been built in the style of a heritage home and is packed full of character as well as some super clever design ideas.

Oliver and Cera had previously purchased a much larger home in town, but quickly discovered that mortgage payments and house maintenance were leading them down a path of greatly diminished free time and quality of life. That’s when they decided to downsize and give tiny house living a try. Oliver had a strong background in construction, while Cera’s keen eye for design gave her a creative edge, and together the couple teamed up to build their dream tiny home, which was actually modelled on their original larger home.

The home is designed to be off-the-grid, with solar power capable of generating all the energy the home needs. This gave the couple a tremendous amount of freedom when it came to selecting a site for the tiny house to be parked up.

When it comes to construction, this tiny house is superbly built, with real style and a focus on beauty throughout the home. The couple really wanted to give this tiny house a big house look, and this was achieved through the use of mixed cladding materials, as well as the dual dormers which help to give the home it’s striking heritage look.

The home’s interior is equally as charming. From the astounding number of windows which wonderfully frame the great outdoors, to the lovely warm timbers, stepping inside this house gives an immediate sense of home.

After constructing their own home on wheels, the couple fell so in love with the tiny house movement that they wanted to help others to reach their tiny house dreams. The couple went on to found their own tiny house building company, Summit Tiny Homes which has since built many beautiful tiny houses all over North America.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of their stunning tiny home (above) to find out more about this inspirational couple and their enchanting home.