Tiny House

College Student Builds Outstanding DIY $15,000 Tiny House For Debt Free Living

For a young student heading to college, the thought of paying for accommodation on top of all the other expenses can be incredibly daunting. One student from Jacksonville, Florida, Bradley, has thought outside the box however and has built himself an amazing tiny house on wheels as a brilliant kick-start to his future. 

The home is roughly 27 x 8.5ft (8.3 x  2.5m) in size and is entirely self-contained. The exterior is clad in long-lasting vinyl and is designed to be reminiscent of a Florida beach bungalow.  In true southern style the tiny house has a large porch which enables Bradley to sit outside and enjoy the stunning views surrounding his home.

Once inside, the home is wonderfully welcoming. The design is open and spacious with the ability to see right from one end to the other without obstruction. A large window at the end of the home gives the small dwelling a tremendous sense of space. Bradley calls his home Rolling Quarters, a play on words relating to the fact that his home is on wheels, but also hinting to the saving of money and the ethics of building a home without accumulating debt.

The kitchen is large for the space with an 8ft (2.5m) counter providing abundant space for preparation of food. Cooking is done using an electric hot plate which is stored under the bench, while a large kitchen sink allows for easy washing up of dishes.

The lounge space is comfortable but also very practical, with an abundance of storage built into the sofa. A small table is set up looking out the window which also serves as a dining space.

In the bathroom area there is a full sized shower which Bradley fortuitously found abandoned on the side of the road. A Natures Head composting toilet means that Bradley can take care of all his business on-site and doesn’t require any black-water hook-ups for his home.

Upstairs the sleeping loft is a cosy place for Bradley to relax in at night. There is even additional storage in the loft in the form of an old locker, although these spaces are still empty and waiting to be filled, a testament to a combination of Bradley’s minimalism and also the amount of effective storage space he was able to build into his home.

Towards the rear of the tiny house sits a small office / work-space where Bradley can carry out his studies. For the college student, it was important to have a seperate area where he was able to concentrate on his work which didn’t encroach on his relaxation space.

The entire build was done as a DIY project for the remarkable budget of only US$15,000. That’s less money than many spend on rent in a single year. With that investment he has set himself up for life with a fantastic place to call home. For the full story and video tour, be sure to watch the video above. To follow Bradley’s story, check out his account on Instagram.