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A Bedford House Bus In An Off-The-Grid Upcycled Kingdom

In a way, Purple is like a modern day wizard, transforming items which have been left behind by the world and transmuting them into something new, giving them new life and purpose via upcycling. The same could be said of his old Bedford bus, which he has renovated into a wonderfully comfortable tiny home on wheels.

While to many, purples off-the-grid kingdom may seem like a bunch of old junk, everything has a purpose and a use. Everything has been reused and turned from trash back into an object of value. From old solar cylinders which have been reconditioned to provide hot water, to old microwaves and fridges which have been upcycled into solar ovens and food dehydrators.

And then there is the bus. An old Bedford which was gifted to him by a friend who was unable to dedicate the time to the renovation project himself. Over the years, Purple has worked to bring the bus back to life and create a wonderful home and sanctuary space for himself on his hillside kingdom.

The bus is simple, but provides everything he needs. A relaxing place to spend the hours and play music and do his work as an audio engineer, warmth and cooking provided by the wood burning pot belly stove and gas oven, space to store his things and a place to rest his head at night.

Here in the Bedford, Purple lives a life of creativity and comfort. With all his basic needs met, he is surrounded by inspiration from nature. Simple living gives his soul the space it needs to create and add art and beauty to the world around him.

Purples home is the perfect example of what can be achieved with little money, but a lot of imagination. All up, Purple has only spent a couple of thousand dollars so far to create his off the grid paradise, truly showing what can be accomplished if you’re willing to look at the world in a slightly different way. Be sure to check out the full video tour above to see the home and all of it’s wonderful details.