Tiny House

Simple Living In Artistic Tiny Home With Greenhouse

This inspiring mother / daughter duo made an epic trip, moving from Toronto to Victoria to start a new life. With a desire to simplify, and live closer to nature, Natasha set about building a tiny house on wheels for herself and her young daughter, to allow them to live without the worries of mortgage and Victoria’s high rent prices. The resulting home is absolutely beautiful, filled with artistic flare and parked up in a stunning location.

When Natasha set out to find a parking spot for her tiny house, one of the things on her check list was a greenhouse, as she wanted to be able to grow food for her and her daughter. What she found was a fantastic property with an extra large greenhouse, allowing her to cultivate an abundance of food, not only for her and her daughter, but enough to set up a small farm stand and start a new business venture also.

Building the tiny house on wheels wasn’t entirely a smooth process. Originally, Natasha had ordered a shell tiny home to be built. Unfortunately, what arrived was so far from her vision that she became disheartened and was close to giving up. Thankfully, she didn’t want to let go of her dream and put in the hard work to finish the home to her vision. The effort has paid off, and her finished tiny house is an absolute treasure.

Natasha’s artistic flare is evident throughout the home. It has an eclectic, yet warm and funky feeling, packed with life and character. The house has been designed with three seperate sleeping areas. One loft each for Natasha and her daughter, and a seperate downstairs bedroom, which functions as a day bed, and a guest bedroom. There’s a great sized kitchen, lots of space for lounging and a bathroom, complete with soaking tub.

To find out more about this beautiful and artistic tiny house on wheels, be sure to watch the full video tour (above). To follow Natasha and her back-to-nature tiny house adventures, be sure to follow her at big love 4 tiny living!