Tiny House

Incredible Tiny House Even Has A Built-In Sauna!

This stunning tiny house situated in Austin Texas is sure to impress. Molly and Ken decided to build a tiny house to enable them to save money and travel the world. For a small house, this home is packed full of some really big features including an incredible Sauna which has been built into the bathroom. 

The original attraction to a tiny house on wheels was the idea of constructing a home which is mobile. Molly and Ken really liked the idea of building the home and using it to save money, but also having the ability to hit the road and actually travel in their home.

All throughout, the tiny home is filled with beautiful design elements. It’s open, spacious and has been incredibly well designed in order to meet the couples needs. Be sure to check out the full video tour of this home (above). To follow more of Molly and Ken’s adventures, be sure to check them out on YouTube.