Off The Grid

Amazing Off-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!

This tiny house has everything this young couple needs. It’s set up to be completely off the grid, running on renewable energies. The home has solar power, captures it’s own rain water, uses solar water heating and even generates it’s own gas via a bio gas digester.

The bio gas digester works to turn household food scraps and garden waste into useable gas, which the couple can use for cooking and could also be used for heating water for the home. Living off the grid in this remote location, it helps the couple to be even more self-reliant.

Inside, the home has absolutely everything the couple need. The design of the home is light and open plan, with kitchen, bathroom, lounge, office and storage stairs which lead into the loft.

The desk / office area is incredible important, especially as Paul also works at home doing technical support. Working at home from the tiny house, he is able to fully take advantage of his home all day long and enjoys knowing that, even while at work, all of his energy needs are generated by his home.

The kitchen is fully featured and even has two burners. One induction and one gas. The induction cooker is used during the day when the sun is generating abundant power for the home, while the gas stove is used in the evening.

There’s a large bathroom in the tiny home, which has a composting toilet, basin and shower. The bathroom area even houses a washing machine, which can run on the solar power and rain water.

Paul and Annett have created an amazing off-the-grid life for themselves in this wonderful, DIY built tiny house. Be sure to watch the full video above to find out the details of their build. To follow their tiny house adventure, be sure to check out their website.