Container House

3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home

I’m always absolutely amazed at how a shipping container, a cold, hard, metal box can be transformed into an incredibly warm and welcoming home. This stunning house in Victoria, Australia is a perfect example of that, with three 20 ft shipping containers being joined together to create an amazing, solar-powered home.

Richard and Amy are a dynamic young couple who wanted to build a home for themselves which would allow them to be in control of their own life decisions. Not wanting to be burdened with a big home and lots of debt, the couple decided to design and build a  small container house which would allow them to life life on their own terms.

The couple love to travel and frequently enjoy trips back to England so Richard can visit his family. The affordability, efficiency and the small footprint of this home all make this a perfect living situation for the pair.

The home is formed by three, 20 ft shipping containers which have been joined by two links, which act like little corridors in the home. The couple have employed some impressive small space design techniques within the walls of this home, which has created a tremendous amount of living space, as well as storage while keeping the home open and spacious with as much functionality as you could ask for in any house.

From the outside, it’s almost hard to image that the house is constructed from shipping containers. The staggered pattern of the containers has created a striking architectural look to the home and the exterior cladding hides almost all the evidence of the containers that lie behind.

The floating roof, which provides shade for the home and helps to keep it cool in the summer months is filled with solar panels, generating a good portion of the energy the family needs. Rain water is collected from the roof and stored in two large tanks situated behind the home.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most impressive shipping containers homes I’ve ever seen. Be sure to watch the full video tour, above, to see just how much thought has gone into the design and material selection in this house.

For Richard and Amy, the future looks bright! With a new family member on the way, the three shipping containers will soon become a family home. In the future, the couple have made plans to extend the home when more space is needed and the house was designed in a way that expansion is easily possible. To find out more about this build, visit the modhouse website.