Tiny House Solar Hot Water Installation (Part 1)

Our solar system is being installed on the Tiny House! In this video, we meet the team from Solar Group and watch the first part of our solar install.

Because the roof of our Tiny House is so small, we needed a custom solution so both the hot water tank and the solar panel could fit on the roof. Thankfully, Roy and the team from Solar Group were up to the challenge!

To find out more about our solar system, and our reasons for choosing solar water heating for the Tiny House, click here.

Solar Hot Water Cylinder


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3 Responses to Tiny House Solar Hot Water Installation (Part 1)

  1. Ellen

    Looks great! Just like a skylight window!

  2. Yaron

    What a great system. Especially I like the polycarbonate on the panel. Clever guys at Solar Group.

    • Bryce

      It sure is! We are really excited to try it all out. They will be back in a couple of weeks time for the next part of the fit-out. 🙂

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