Tiny House Plans For Internal Fit-Out

We’re almost totally enclosed in our tiny house and will soon be moving onto the internal fit-out. We thought this was a great opportunity to show you around the house so far and what we have planned for the inside!

In addition to making a start on the wiring and plumbing, we’ve also recently had to do quite a bit of work securing down all of our materials and making sure everything is watertight, as we were expecting a large cyclone to pass by. Fortunately, the cyclone rapidly lost strength and in the end was nothing more than a bit of rain and some strong wind.


We would love to hear from you, so if you have any ideas for our internal fit out, or comments on our design, please let us know in the comments below.

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About Bryce

Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

23 Responses to Tiny House Plans For Internal Fit-Out

  1. Jim

    What will you do with grey water? Will you have a gray water tank? I know part of the plan is to use it for irrigation but what about when traveling? Parked on pavement? Some places don’t allow dumping grey water. Other places out would be messy if dumping water.

  2. Mike

    I’m very interested in finding out how you will insulate the floor. Specifically how you are going to attach the steel to the underside of your trailer frame. This is something you mentioned in one of your videos while putting the decking on.

  3. Robert Parrish

    Very interested in your metal frame tinyhome,just wondering if you chose the metal frame for a weigh problem or stenght?Would like to hear from you about it.Also would like to find out more about the metal fab company you used.thank you for your help; Robert Parrish

  4. Toby

    Hi Bryce
    Looks great! My wife and I are starting to trial some designs and planning to move into a Tiny Home some time next year. I have a question about your building material choice – the metal framing, why did you choose metal? Was it weight or cost that drove the decision?

    Thanks, looking forward to seeing the finished build.

    • Bryce

      Hey Toby. We chose steel largely for the weight. It’s much lighter than timber and allowed us to create a thicker, stronger frame with less weight. 🙂

  5. Nick

    Looking good. What voltage is lighting going to be?

    • Bryce

      Hey Nick. Everything will be 12v. 🙂

  6. alexanderluthier

    Have you seen those LED strips commonly used for kitchen cabinets? In places where headroom is limited, LED strips can be glued to the ceiling with double-sided tape, eliminating the need of wall-mounted lamps while providing ample cenital lighting.

    A nice way to increase light output from these LED strips is to install several ones and wire them in paralell through a simple step switch (like the ones used in electric kitchens).

    Let’s say you install 6 LED strips under the ceiling. In the 1st position all strips will be OFF. In the second position only a pair of strips would be on, giving a weak but stable light similar to those “night lights” that are plugged to the bathroom power outlets. The 3rd position would light four strips, giving enough light to see everything comfortably. And the last position will power all strips when you need intense light.

    LED strips can be bought in different intensities and even in different colors. And dripping their contacts with a drop of hot glue seals them, making them waterproof: something to consider when planning your outdoor lighting.

    I’m really glad looking the progress of your tiny house, keep going on!

  7. Ghislaine

    Hi Bryce!
    Just 2 weeks ago, i saw a video of someone’s Tiny House for the first time, and i didn’t think it was for me, but i kept on researching them out of curiosity, and now I’m sold! Hihihi!!! For now of course, I’m going to plan my layout, I’m moving to Europe now, Prague, with a change of career too so it will be a while before i can start building.
    My question is, how did you guys design your floorplan? How did you know how much space to allocate for each area? Did you research appliance sizes? I know how i want my layout to be, how the different spaces will relate to each other, but I’m stuck on the question of sizes…
    I wish you both all the best in your endeavours

  8. Julez

    Hi Bryce
    We will be upsizing to a tiny home later this year! Have been living aboard a 40’yacht for the last 12 years so will be using the layout of our yacht as a guide. We are really enjoying following your build and wondered if you considered a Lockwood Homes type of construction at all. We think it could work but are trying to get some info on the weight ratios. Looking forward to your next video. feel itmight be to heavy

  9. Henry Eivers

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to say – amazing job so far!
    I’m also from nz,and I’m going to be building a tiny home in the next year or so. My question for you is, how much do you see this home costing to build all up with furnishings ect..I know that this is a personal question and understand if you would prefer not to say. It would be extremely helpful to me to know, to aid me in my planning for my tiny home.

    Great site guys,very informative and wonderfully presented 🙂

    Fond regards Henry Eivers

    • Bryce

      Hey Henry. At the end of our build we are going to tally up the costs and add them to this website along with downloadable plans. 🙂

      • Derick Davis

        That will be great Im Also looking forward to seeing the plans and cost.

  10. Matthieu

    Hi Bryce,

    Love your project and how you manage to build it going from one location to another.
    Just discovered your layout and we have two things in common, the wetback of the stove going straight to the tank on the roof and the access to the rest room middle way accross the kitchen wich i think is better design than what we usualy see on the side of the kitchen.
    Anyway my concern is about insulation, what are the numbers you came out with ? I say that because usualy steel frame house have external insulation on top of the one included in the rails, this is because rails are serious thermal bridges cutting by at least 30% the efficiency of the insulation.
    Best continuation

    • Bryce

      Thanks Matt. Insulation in our house is really more about keeping it cool in summer than keeping it warm in winter. The small stove we are placing in the house is so efficient that it will easily heat up the space very well. In saying that, it’s also a very well insulated home, with cavity battens, high thermal performance weatherboards and 90mm of polyester insulation – so we should be nice and comfortable all year round.

  11. Mark Anthony Marinas

    I just wanna say this is Amazing.I love wverything about the tiny house your working on. I always wanted ine of my own and when I was watching the one you were working on I found out I wanted one like it. All I need at gbe moment is to save money up so I can move forword with my plan.Love your channel keel up the good work.

    • Bryce

      Thanks Mark! Awesome that you’re enjoying our vids. Thanks for watching! 🙂

  12. James

    Hey mate.
    Very much enjoyed following your journey.
    Heres an Idea that may be helpful with your stairs…
    Because of the steel stringer side on the stairs, it looks like you have lost a fait bit of storage space at the top if accessed from the side. my suggestion is to have hinged treads that can be accessed from above for the small volumes in each step. Some ply that follows the bottom of the steps would create many small volumes for storage. When you add them all up- would be quite a bit for all that random stuff that needs a small space to stash it. Just one small thought in exchange for the many many lessons from observing you folks from the west island! Cheers from Aus. J

    • Bryce

      Cheers James! Some great ideas there. 🙂

  13. Lasnap

    Bryce if you think about it a moment you have semi copied the way a spiral staircase works at the top with these stairs. I am also glad to see stairs instead of a ladder give you additional Storage and makes it a little safer as well.

    • Bryce

      Yup. This design was partially born out of that. At one time I was actually trying to fit a spiral staircase into the design but alas there wasn’t enough space.

      • Adam

        I like your stair solution; the thought that has gone into your body position at the top.

        The problem with spiral stairs in a tiny house is they are single function and create voids of space amongst themselves that are lost. Pretty hard to build storage into a true spiral staircase, for example.

        • Bryce

          You’re right Adam. They do look really good though! I think with this design we get the best of both worlds. It’s easy to build storage into them, they save a lot of space and we still get to enter at the apex of the loft.

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