Installing A Corrugate Roof On A Tiny House (Part 1)

In this video we look at how to install a corrugate roof on a Tiny House. The roof is an incredibly important part of any building and in order to have a water-tight house, it’s essential that you take your time and do things right. Thank-fully, we have the expert help of Alan Drayton from BioBuild Ltd to help us out.

Roof Cut List

Our Roof Cut List

The roofing material that we chose was a corrugate style, .55mm, marine grade, colour steel roof from Dimond Roofing. Tiny Houses are mobile structures, and for that reason they must be constructed to the highest standards. You don’t know where the house will be parked, so it may be subjected to marine environments and high wind zones. For that reason, it’s best practice to get the highest possible quality materials and build for all eventualities.

The more work you do in planning, the less you have to do on site. That’s why it’s important to measure up your roof before-hand to get an accurate cut list to send to your roofing supplier. They don’t have to be pretty (as you can see from our cut list), they just need to be accurate! This cut list also includes flashings, gutters and downpipes.

Remember, if at any stage during your build you’re not sure of something, ask for the help of a professional.