How To Install Window Flashing & Windows

This week our house moves one step closer to being completely enclosed as our windows are installed! In this video, Alan from BioBuild Ltd shows us how to install the window flashings, sill support bar and the windows themselves.

The installation of the windows is a really crucial element of the build, so make sure you take your time and get it right. Check with your suppliers to make sure you are using the correct systems which apply to your materials and local building codes.

Installing Window Flashing Tape

The window tape we are using is Bulldog Thermakraft Plus 2 Window Wrap Sealing Tape. We have used both the 150mm, and the 75mm tape. The corner moulding tool usually comes together with the sealing tape.

The sill support bar and window head flashing is supplied by our joinery supplier, Windowmakers. These are usually supplied with the joinery.