Tiny House

DIY Tiny House Building

DIY is a huge part of the tiny house movement, but of course it’s best to get as much help and guidance as possible. Constructing a Tiny House is certainly an achievable goal for most people, but it is good to arm yourself with the best tools and knowledge before embarking on your journey.

DIY Tiny House Building with Alan from Bio Build

Although Mel and I are trying to do as much of the build as possible ourselves, we will be working under the expert guidance of master builder Alan Drayton and fantastic team of builders from Bio Build Ltd. Together, we will be creating a series of videos following the build that will help to give you the necessary knowledge to make you feel confident about DIY tiny house building.

DIY Tiny House Building with Bryce

It’s really exciting for us to begin our build after such a long time planning. Thanks so much for coming along for the ride with us! 🙂