The Skysphere – An Incredible High-Tech Futuristic Retreat

Imagine a home in the clouds with spectacular 360° views which can be completely controlled by voice and your smart phone. The Skysphere is fully solar powered and packed with features you won’t believe.


Situated amongst the hills of Palmerston North in New Zealand, The Skysphere is the brain child of Jono Williams, whose passion for mechanical engineering an design lead him to constructing the steal structure. When Jono began working on the project he didn’t even know how to weld, but along the way he learned all the skills needed to build it. Overall, he estimates that over 3000 hours were spent on it’s construction. 


8mm steel construction means the Skysphere is designed to withstand magnitude 8.5 earthquakes, as well as extremely high wind speeds. The main living area is accessed via a ladder in the central cylinder, and whilst it’s quite a climb, it’s undeniably worth the effort.


The Skysphere is designed as a retreat. It’s a place to relax, spend a night away from the world, watch movies and watch the stars from the roof-top platform. Inside the Skysphere, the set-up is very simple, with a custom designed queen size bed and couch and a media platform with music station and projector.

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This high-tech get-away is completely solar powered and is packed with incredible features, including voice commands, finger-print operated door automation and even a couch with-built-in fridge that dispenses beers.

JONO AND KIMEven though The Skysphere is currently used as a weekend get-away, with only a few simple modifications it could easily be set-up for full time living. Either way, for Jono and his partner Kim, it’s the perfect retreat.

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  1. Jackie Stevenson

    Would like to know approximate cost and if there are plans/building available?

  2. Rod Joseph

    I am so impressed with this tiny tower. NOT!!! Its so awesome. Is there any chance you can help me get in contact with Jono. I am building my own tower now and would love to pick his brain.


  3. Alexander Lopez

    I have to admire Jono’s vision to pursue his own vision instead of following the conventions. Even with all the gadgets, it’s clear the main goal is to simply enjoy the views. Imagine if it snows in there…

    However, I would add a fire-station-like downtube. For those times when you need to get to a bathroom FAST.

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