Brilliant 20ft Shipping Container Home – The Pod-Tainer

Shipping container homes have undoubtably exploded in popularity over the past few years and that’s no surprise. The lack of affordable housing options in many areas has lead more people searching for alternative options. As far as those options go, shipping containers make a lot of sense. They are easily transported and are structurally sound. That makes a great starting point for an affordable and quality home.

Shipping Container Builder - Shane Blind

In Shane Blind’s case, this 20ft shipping container home was actually constructed as a guest house. As his wife is from China, they frequently have members of her family coming to visit them in New Zealand. His family live in a small house themselves and so they needed an extra place to enable guests to stay. A shipping container was the perfect solution.

Inside the 20ft Shipping Container Home

Inside this tiny home, the design is simple, yet brilliantly executed. The smaller the space, the harder it is to make the design work and in this case Shane has really risen to the challenge. Care and attention has been passionately applied to all aspects of the home, which uses carefully planned zones and nifty design tricks to help make the space functional and flow together nicely.

Shipping Container with extra pods for more space.

To help add extra space, special ‘pods’ have been attached to the sides of the shipping container, greatly helping to expand the useable interior area. These pods house the bathroom on one side of the container and a special lounge alcove on the other. The alcove is an ideal size to relax during the day and is also large enough to double as an additional sleeping space should it be required.

Raised bed in Shipping Container Home

In the bedroom, a comfortable queen-sized bed has been raised off the ground providing plenty of storage space underneath. The open area below allows for suitcases to easily be stowed and accessed under the bed and provides a huge capacity for any other items that need to find a home.

Kitchenette in Shipping Container Home

A basic yet very functional kitchen space has been built into the home. As the design of this container is predominantly for guests, there will simply be a microwave in the house and no stove but this could easily be added in the future if required.

Corner Table In Shipping Container Home

Opposite the kitchen is a small table used for dining as well as a potential work-space. The table is positioned to take advantage of the spectacular farm-views afforded by the large glass sliding door.

Shipping Container Home Bathroom

Comprised of a shower, a small basin and a flusing toilet, the bathroom is again very simple, but completely practical. The style is very similar to that of a conventional ensuite-bathroom and manages to fit perfectly into one of the shipping container’s attached pods.

The Pod-Tainer Shipping Container Home

Remarkably, this shipping container home was constructed for only NZ$28,000 (US$20,000) not including Shane’s labour. When you consider that figure is less than the average Aucklander pays for a years rent, it really does show how this can be a viable and comfortable way for people to get into their first homes. Watch the video above for the full tour and more info.

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  1. Mark

    Interested in the resource and building consent certification process and costs?

    Understand that tiny transportable homes are excempt except for electricity?

    Any other people out there looking at container homes?

  2. Neville Kidd

    Brilliant well done! One of the best examples have seen on the net. The pop outs like American Caravans have is a game changer.

  3. Stu

    Very clever thinking to make the “Wings”. Could never make it work with standard. Well done!

  4. mark

    plans i really like the design .. just one question where can i get the plans thank you


    WOW – Truly love this set up – do you have plans for this for purchase or is this a prefab structure?

  6. Richard Hague

    as a fellow kiwi that’s interested in all things ‘tiny home’ i find your videos incredibly inspiring and informative. one thing that plays on my mind whenever i watch or read these types of stories is the constant comments about how tiny homes allow you to live rent free, however there seems to be a number of obstacles such as still requiring somewhere to put your tiny home, council by-laws for dwellings on a property etc. i’d really love to see a feature on the potential problems and solutions building a tiny home in new zealand presents.

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