Simple Living In a Tiny Forest Home

Nestled into the forest in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia is the tiny house of Rebecca and Cass. Built of wood, stone and with earthen walls, this is a home designed to connect with the natural world, a place where time can slow down and where life can be simple and beautiful.

The home was constructed by Rebecca, who was unable to afford the purchase of land, or build a larger home. This was an exercise in simple living, slowing down and constructing a place which would meet all of her needs, without a lot of debt.

She now shares the home together with her partner Cass. The couple both spend a lot of time away from the tiny house, either for work, or adventures in nature. Rebecca once kayaked 1300 nautical miles from British Columbia to Glacier Bay National Park for Paddling North, a project to raise awareness of environmental injustices affecting wildlife, ecosystems and communities along the coast. Cass is often working throughout BC as a guide. Both frequently enjoy time away in nature.

The tiny house means the couple can slow down, enjoy life and spend time away without worry, yet always have a beautiful, safe and warm place to come home to.

Be sure to watch the full tour (above) to find our more about this beautiful tiny house. To follow Rebecca and Cass’ adventures, you can find them on Instagram. Rebecca has also made plans to her tiny house available, which can be found for sale here.

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