DIY Deck Platform For A Belle Tent (Or A Yurt)

In the past, people haven’t really viewed tents as a viable option for full time living. High quality canvas tents such as the Lotus Belle Tent are changing that perception and we are really excited to have the opportunity to test out this form of simple, low-impact living. Already these tents are incredibly popular as part of the ‘glamping’ movement, but we are keen to show that they can be much more than just a camping tent!

The Lotus Belle Tent

Mel and I will be moving into our Lotus Belle tent and living in it while we finish building our Tiny House. We’ve decided to do this for a number of reasons that we will cover in more detail in a future video, but the nutshell version is that it means we will be located much closer to our Tiny House build site, we will be saving money on rent, and we will be able to bring you lots more awesome downsized living videos (with a bit of a different perspective) while our own tiny house build is being finished.


Over the past few weeks we have been constructing a platform for our Lotus Belle tent. Our method of building the platform is very similar to how you would build a base for a Yurt. In the video above we show you in detail how we have tackled this project. We are also building supporting structures that will become a surrounding deck and a tree-house style bathroom hut. Watch this space, because it really is a unique design!

The Build Team

We want to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to our friend Dylan, who has given a lot of his time and expertise to help out on this build! We couldn’t have done it without you buddy!