Small House

A Night At The Lotus – Astrophotography


One of the great advantages of living away from the city lights is the spectacular view of the night sky. Flooded with light pollution from population centres, it’s easy to forget the marvel of nature that spreads across the sky each and every night. One of the things that life in a tent has taught me to do is slow down, and pay more attention to the natural world around me. 


The Lotus is located in a place where it likes to rain, a lot. When it is sunny and there are clear skies, I have learned to truly enjoy them. Living in a small space, there is a definite feeling when you have spent too long inside, and the yearning to escape into the outdoors can be very strong.


So, when the weather smiles upon me, and gives me a night such as this, I can’t help but take full advantage. Many hours I have sat staring at my lit brazier, sometimes alone, and sometimes joined by good friends to share in the occasion. The night sky is a constant reminder for me of the fact that I am a part of a beautiful, conscious and ever-expanding universe. Contemplating the expanse of space and time fills me with a great sense of adventure for the possibilities of my existence in this place. It also helps me and any of my troubles to feel peacefully small.