Space Saving Ideas For A Small Home Office

If you want to work from home but are worried that you don’t have enough space for a home office, then fear not! The good news is that for people looking to create a fantastic small home office space, with modern digital technology it’s now easier than ever.


Going paperless not only helps to drastically reduce the amount of clutter in your office, it also eliminates the need for bulky items such as printers and copiers. In many cases that means that people are able to accomplish everything they need to using nothing more than a laptop. As cliché as it sounds, it also really does equate to saving trees!

Fold Down Tiny Office

This wall desk is a fantastic concept. It hides discretely on the wall and then folds down into a work desk with shallow storage shelving. This same table could easily also be used for a fold away dining table.

Chalk Wall In Office

If you’ve gone paperless in your office, but still want to be able to quickly scribble down notes when you’re on the phone, or write reminders for yourself then consider painting a chalk wall in your office space. It’s not only very practical, but also really adds a lot of colour and character to your space. Perhaps one of the best advantages to this is it also allows your office space to be constantly changing.

compact tiny office

This fold out office is pure brilliance. Everything you need is able to be neatly packed away into a small side-table and then expand out when you are working. This is a fantastic solution because it’s also portable allowing you to take your work to whatever part of the house you wish.

office in a small closet

It’s even possible to take a small closet space and transform it into a spectacular and stylish micro office, keeping everything out of the way, and even out of sight when not in use.

Hidden BedWhen you live in a small space, it’s important for everything to be as multi-functional as possible. The Hidden Bed is a fantastic example of this. When not in use as an office desk, the hidden bed folds town to become a sofa or bed. Best of all, each of the items on your desk can remain in place under the bed until you wish to use it again.


This is a very clever bit of design that really helps to create the feeling of having a separate and designated work-space, while at the same time taking up only a fraction of the space of a regular desk.

Standing Desk

A standing desk is a wonderful idea for a compact, space saving office. It also has tremendous health benefits. By standing, you allow your body to adjust and move easily and continuously flex your muscles. It also helps to keep your blood circulating well. The effect of this is huge on the body, keeping blood sugar better regulated and even helping to keep your blood pressure lower.

Outdoor Office

If you’re really too short on space inside the house though, why not pick the space with the best view possible and try an outdoor work station! Too often we keep ourselves inside all day trying to make our next deadline, so why not create a fantastic outdoor working space and at least get a tan while doing so! Being out in the fresh air is good for your spirit too. It will certainly help you to be more alert and more creative.