Off The Grid

Young Woodworker Crafts Stunning Off-Grid Tiny House

This inspiring young woman has turned her love of woodworking into the ultimate accomplishment by building her very own home! Florence was inspired to build a tiny house after watching the movement growing around the world, especially in the US and Australia. Building her own home has been a long time dream and a tiny house seemed like the perfect way to make that happen. 

The entire home was built as a DIY project, with Florence building the home together with help from her cousin. As you would expect, this passionate woodworker has included beautiful timbers in her tiny home, which gives the whole place a wonderful, warm and welcoming feeling. Many of the items which have been used in the home’s construction are either recycled, up-cycled or reclaimed which helps to give the build a low environmental impact, and also helped to keep the budget affordable. Clever additions such as a bath tub, reclaimed from an old canal boat, and a rainfall shower head crafted out of old copper pipes help to make the home just as functional as it is beautiful.

Florence’s tiny house is currently parked up on an idillic farm in the English countryside, with panoramic views  looking across towards Wales out of her kitchen window. Her home is completely off the grid and solar powered, giving her more options for finding suitable parking spots. Fortunately, Florence also has access to the neighbouring barn which she has turned into a workshop for her wood craft.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this beautiful off the grid tiny house (above). To find out more about Florence’s story and to follow her projects, you can find her on Instagram.