Tiny House

WW2 Railway Train Car Transformed Into Amazing Tiny House

This World War 2 railway train carriage has been beautifully transformed into an amazing tiny house which is simply out of this world! The whole conversion project is filled with clever small space design and the interior of this home is like stepping into a wonderful piece of living history.

Dan and Annabel are artists who saw an old train carriage and had the vision to transform this antique into something truly remarkable. So much of the original history of this WW2 train car has been kept in tact, allowing the character of the carriage to shine through while still being wonderfully converted and renovated into something completely new.

The major exterior modification was done to the roof, where a hole was cut into the existing carriage to create a completely stepped up roof which allows light to flood into the home, adds a sense of spaciousness and height to the interior and which becomes a beautiful and visually striking feature on the home.

Stepping into the railway carriage is like being transported to another time and place. Dan and Annabel have worked hard to ensure the interior design matches the character of the carriage and the wonderful design really does help to make it all feel very authentic, while remaining completely functional as a self-contained home.

Be sure to check out the full video tour of this stunning WW2 railway train car conversion (above) to check out all the super clever design elements this home has to offer, including a bathroom which is sure to blow your mind!

From their stunning Fort Collins property, Dan and Annabel have a wonderful business where they teach people how to make their own shoes. To find out more about their work, be sure to check out their website.