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A Game-Changing Tiny House Trailer Design - The Split Shift

When it comes to building a tiny house on wheels, an often overlooked yet incredibly important part of the build is the trailer. It’s often said that a house is only as good as its foundations and in the case of a tiny house, the foundations are the trailer. 

Every time you move your tiny house on the road, it’s subjected to similar forces as a magnitude 8 earthquake, so making sure your tiny home is able to adequately handle these forces is essential. 

Recently, a new kind of trailer has been taking the tiny house world in New Zealand by storm. This is the split shift trailer from Bay Engineering Solutions Ltd. Top tiny house manufacturers such as Shaye’s Tiny Homes, Build Tiny and Cocoon are all using this new design. 

Not only are these trailers engineered to become a solid foundation for your tiny house, they have the ability to enable the sub-frame of the house to disconnect from the trailer. This has several benefits. 

1 - If you’re needing work done on the trailer, it can easily be separated from the house to be serviced. 

2 - You can remove the trailer from the home and tow it separately to get a warrant. 

3 - You can change the direction your house faces on the trailer. 

4 - When the house is parked up long term, you can still have use of the sub-trailer for hauling materials. 

5 - You can park the trailer in front of the house and use this as the base of a deck. 

6 - One trailer can be used to move multiple homes by taking several trips. 

7 - If your tiny house is overweight, it can be removed from the trailer, transported on a low loader truck for legal transport on the road and then be re-attached to the trailer at the other end to be situated on site. 

To find out more about BES Split Shift Tiny House Trailers, be sure to watch the above video, where I talk to Shane from Bay Engineering Solutions about the trailer we used for our recent tiny house build. 

Tiny House Trailer Plans - DIY Or Give To An Engineer

Bay Engineering Solutions supply these trailers to the New Zealand market but we’ve been getting a lot of requests from people who would like to construct them overseas. For this reason, Bay Engineering have created a plan set for the trailer which details the construction, so you can either build it yourself, or have an engineer construct one for you.

These plans have been created to meet New Zealand regulations and so it’s important that you work with a local engineer to make sure that you build will meet regulations in your area. 

Click Here To Find Out More And Purchase Trailer Plans.