Tiny House

Tiny House Life in Lockdown 🔒

It’s crazy times around the globe as the world goes into lockdown in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19. In this video, we check in with some of our tiny house family around the globe to see how they are dealing with life in a tiny house while in lockdown / self-isolation / quarantine. 

Being stuck at home can be difficult, and perhaps even a little more difficult when you live in a tiny house and it’s really great to be able to see the ways in which tiny house people around the world are coping with lockdown in their homes.

People are obviously worried about the virus, but beyond that we are seeing huge economic implications as the world shuts down. Sadly, many have already lost their jobs and many businesses face very tough times ahead. One of the huge advantages to tiny house life is the ability to live with little to no debt, and lower living costs. It’s in times like these that a tiny house can offer a lot of safety and security!

We hope you enjoy this video, and we hope that you’re staying healthy, safe and well during your lockdown.