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Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World: Celtic Iron Age Roundhouses

In this pilot episode of our Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World series, we travel 2000 years back in time to the Celtic iron-age fort and roundhouses 0f Castell Henllys. So far on Living Big in a Tiny House, we have explored tiny homes and downsized architecture from all over the world. In this new series, we aim to reach far back into our historic and prehistoric past to explore the tiny homes of the ancient world. 

Often, people discuss the tiny house concept as if it is a kind of modern fad. However, throughout most of human history we have traditionally lived in small, simple and humble shelter. It would be easy to say that in fact it is the modern, large, unsustainable, sometimes palatial home which is the true fad.

This series will combine two of my great passions, architecture and archeology as we travel back in time together to visit the tiny homes of the ancient world. We will learn about the design and construction of these homes, as well as exploring the lives of the people who may have lived in them.

In this, our pilot episode, we visit the iron-age hill fort and roundhouses of Castell Hennlys. This important archaeological site in Pembrokeshire, Wales has been excavated over the past 27 years. The site has been lovingly restored based on archaeological findings and is now open to the public.

In this episode, we walk amongst the re-constructed roundhouses, discuss their construction and learn about the lives of the Celtic people of the iron age. Be sure to watch the full episode (above) and to find out more be sure to visit the Castell Hennlys website.