Tiny House

They Left The City To Live FREE, WILD and OFF-GRID in a Tiny House!

In an effort to return to a more simple way of living, with reduced overheads and more time together in nature, this adventurous family gave up their city apartment, built a beautiful off-the-grid tiny house and moved to the remote Australian wilderness where they could live free and wild.

Situated in a hard to access corner of a large working farm and with a spectacular wilderness backdrop, this DIY, off-the-grid tiny home is a sight to behold. Inside, the home is well designed, with clever storage features and the ability to comfortably meet the young family's needs.

This is a home designed around nature and access to the land, so to compliment the tiny house a huge awning has been erected providing great outdoor living space.

Steve and Di have constructed a fantastic home for their family to re-wild. To follow their simple living / tiny home journey you can find them on instagram.