Tiny House

The Tiny House With It All! Beautiful, Modern, Spacious & Dazzling Views

This is a tiny house that has it all! It’s open, modern, spacious and packed full of great design features that make living in this home a dream. Parked up in Queenstown, it also boasts some dazzling views of the surrounding mountains. 

Leon and Jariya decided to make the move into a tiny house after spending a year traveling in a caravan around New Zealand. Nomadic at heart, the couple loved the idea of having a beautiful place to call home which would meet their needs but that they could also relocate when they choose to. 

There’s a lot to love about this tiny house design. It’s perfectly tailored for indoor / outdoor flow, and everything throughout the home is quality. You’re not left wanting for any of the modern conveniences in this tiny home, which even boasts a top entertainment system, smart home automation features (including an automatic watering system for the plants) and much more. 

We hope you enjoy the tour of this epic tiny house!