Tiny House

The Amazing Tiny House Traveling The World! 🌍

One of the things which makes tiny houses on wheels so unique is the fact that they sit on wheels and are able to move and travel with relative ease. Few tiny home owners really take full advantage of their moving foundations, yet some do! In this weeks episode we explore the incredible tiny house of Jonathan and Yunaë, an intrepid couple who have set out to travel the world in their amazing do-it-yourself built tiny home.

Jonathan and Yunaë constructed the tiny house over a two year period. With no prior experience in construction the build was a tremendous learning curve for the couple, who documented the whole process on their YouTube channel. The home is designed for full time living, yet also has been designed to travel the world, meaning the home has to be extra compact and lightweight to ensure that it would be legal to travel the roads of the world.

In order to make all this possible, this tiny house is packed full of clever space-saving design ideas, ingenious storage solutions and lightweight construction techniques which all pool together to create an impressive tiny house which truly allows the couple to have a place to call home regardless of where in the world it’s parked.

Already, the couple have extensively traveled in their home throughout France, getting to know the ins and out’s of life on the road in a tiny house on wheels, yet they plan to take their travels much further afield, traveling all throughout Europe and eventually to Yunaë’s homeland in French Guiana in South America. In order to accomplish this, the couple didn’t just need to built the home, but also a lifestyle which was capable of supporting their travels. To that end, the pair are both able to work from home, Jonathan as a film-maker and video editor, and Yunaë as a graphic artist.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this very impressive home (above). Remember to check out the Tiny House Livingston YouTube channel to find out lots more about the couples adventures and you can also find them on Instagram.