Off The Grid

Super Simple Solar ☀️ Going Off-Grid With EcoFlow

This week we do a deep dive into the incredible EcoFlow power kit that has taken our brand new tiny house off the grid. This system is a game changer for anyone wanting a comprehensive off grid system of a tiny house, cabin, mobile home or back-up system for a residential home.

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We’ve had a crazy month of weather here in New Zealand, including two cyclones and unprecedented flooding which has resulted in loss of life and unimaginable damage across the North Island. It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience and being prepared for an emergency. It’s also another reason why I’m very thankful to have taken my tiny homes off the grid. 

This new power kit from EcoFlow makes going off-grid easy. With multiple power inputs, including solar power, it’s a powerful and effective solar solution which has been especially designed with tiny homes, cabins, mobile dwellings and residential home back-up in mind. 

We hope you enjoy this in-depth review of this system.