Off The Grid

Stunning Black Off-Grid Cabin By The River

With all the hassle and stress of modern living, chances are there has been a time in your life where you wished you could leave the pressures of the world behind and escape to an idyllic, off-the-grid cabin amongst the calming powers of nature. In this weeks episode, we meet an inspiring couple who did exactly that, building their own incredible cabin by the river.

Mark and Karen had always dreamed of building a small, off -the-grid home, but with three children, it didn’t feel like the right option. Now, with their children grown up and having left the nest, they were free to live their dream of building their off-the-grid cabin.

It all started when Mark was heading up the Mokau river on a hunting trip and spotted a section for sale which he knew would be the perfect place for their dream project. After securing the land, the couple set about constructing their off the grid haven.

At 54 square meters (850ft2), this cabin is small, but certainly not tiny. It’s exceptionally high ceilings and expansive views from the windows contribute to giving this cabin an incredibly specious feeling.

From the modern, all black exterior through to the warm and welcoming plywood interior, there is a lot about this cabin to love. The home is stylish and packed full of character and vibrant art work. The cabin’s design is centred around the kitchen and living area with exceptional views looking over the river and beyond to the forest.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this beautiful black cabin (above).