Tiny House

Solo Mother's Charming Tiny House Gives Financial Freedom

One of the things which has always drawn me to the tiny house movement is the way that tiny houses can help to people achieve greater financial freedom. In this weeks video, we meet Michelle, an inspiring solo-mother of four boys who has constructed a beautiful tiny house for herself now that her children have left home, enabling her to save more money and enjoy a better quality of life.

With soaring real-estate prices, it’s not uncommon for people to spend close to half of their average wages per week on rent in New Zealand. We are a country which has one of the highest housing costs in the world, which means that for many, by the time rent and bills are paid there isn’t much left over. That’s especially true if you’re raising a family on your own.

With her children now grown up, Michelle has been able to put her savings into a wonderful tiny house on wheels, allowing her to live rent and mortgage free for the first time in her life. Ultimately, this downsizing journey has resulted in an incredible increase of financial freedom.

Michelle’s home is beautifully constructed and is filled with wonderful design ideas and clever storage spaces. Artistic features such as a family heirloom stained glass window absolutely complete the home and give it a deep sense of warm and character.

This is definitely a video tour that you’re going to want to check out. Be sure to watch the full video above.