Tiny House

Shipping Container, Tiny House & Cabin Combine To Create Epic 5 Bedroom Home

This weeks video combines three of my favourite things. A cabin, a tiny house and a shipping container. Put together in this instance they create a fantastic 5 bedroom home designed to be perfect for extended family.

The three structures work harmoniously together and have been placed around a garden oasis making this place a truly wonderful place to live and for family to gather. In many ways, having separate smaller structures such as tiny homes and shipping containers working together like this provides more options for families, extended families or even guest accommodation and the separate structures provide additional privacy and separation.

There’s a lot to love here! From a wonderfully built tiny home, constructed from SIPS and with sustainable material’s at the forefront of its construction, to an epic shipping container home which has been renovated from a container that was originally used as a relocatable bank. This is a home that’s full of stories and which is ready to create more to be told around the fire.

We hope you enjoy the full video tour of this very special place. You. can find out more about this building and more of Gavin's building projects on his website.