Tiny House

Pro-Gamer Builds Epic Tiny House With Crazy Computer Set-up

One of the reasons that I’ve always loved tiny houses is that they can really open up options for following passions in life. Reduced living costs can free up money and time resources in order to follow hobbies and even alternative career paths. In this weeks episode, we meet Nessa, a professional YouTuber and gamer from Germany who has built a tiny house on wheels which helps to make her unique lifestyle possible.

Life as a professional gamer and YouTuber sounds idilic, but in reality there’s a tremendous amount of work which goes into making it all possible. Building up a following and audience can be very time consuming and many hours and resources have to be put into making it all happen. For Nessa, the tiny house has helped to facilitate that, but giving her a space to call her own, without large debt and overhead so that she can focus on building her business.

Gaming, video filming and editing also takes quite a lot of equipment and for that reason her home had to be specially deigned to accomodate the tools of her trade. An incredible computer station has been built, which has lighting equipment and cameras for her live-streaming, and even a fold-out green screen.

This is a tiny house which has been designed to be functional as a work-space, but just as importantly as a full time home. Here within these walls, Nessa has absolutely everything that she needs, including a large loft to relax in, a downstairs sleeping area, a great sized kitchen and bathroom.

Be sure to check out the full video tour of this wonderful home (above). Nessa has documented the entire build of her tiny house on her YouTube channel and also on Instagram. You can also find her gaming channel here.