Off The Grid

Off-The-Grid Tiny House & Stunning Syntropic Food Forest Gardens

In this weeks episode, we venture to the beautiful sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of New South Wales to visit a spectacular off-the-grid tiny house on wheels, situated amongst stunning syntropic, regenerative, food forest gardens. For anyone who has dreamed of going off-the-grid and escaping to paradise to grow food and live simply, this is a video tour you will want to check out!

At 7.2×2.4 meters (24×8 ft) this tiny house is beautifully designed and built. The tiny house has amazing indoor / outdoor flow, with a giant veranda added on to fully capitalise on the subtropical climate and encourage as much outdoor living as possible.

The tiny home is completely off-the-grid, with solar power and rain-water collection. For Anthony and Kirra, being off the grid was an important part of living congruently with their values, ensuring they were able to live close to nature and use as much clean energy as possible. The home has a composting toilet, reducing water consumption and helping to make off-the-grid living possible, especially in the drought prone climate.

Anthony and Kirra are both passionate about growing as much of their own food as possible and have surrounded their tiny house in wonderful syntropic gardens. Similar in many ways to permaculture, syntropic farming is a form of dynamic regenerative agricultural forestry which uses a systems thinking approach to create an abundant, healthy, natural food forest. Focus is placed on formation of healthy soil biology and establishing microclimates so that food production and agriculture is synchronised with regeneration of the land. 

For Anthony, this isn’t his first experience in living tiny. Previously, he lived for 5 years on the road in a converted VW camper van, as he travelled all over Australia educating children on the dangers of plastic pollution and it’s affects on ocean-life, and encouraging zero waste lifestyle and plastic waste reduction. You can find out more about his Plastic Polution Solution business here.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this beautiful tiny house and stunning syntropic food forest garden (above). To find out more and to follow Anthony and Kirra’s journey, be sure to follow them on Instagram.