Tiny House

Modern Architecturally Designed Tiny House With Amazing Hidden Shower

This modern architecturally designed tiny house on wheels is sure to impress! Within it’s small footprint, this home is filled with some big ideas to really help make the space work for it’s tall owner, including a raising bed mechanism and an especially clever hidden shower!

At 6’3″ (190cm) Kari is a tall woman and people are often surprised to find out that she is living in a tiny house! Thanks to some great design with the help of her father, a retired architect, this modern home has been cleverly crafted to perfectly fit her needs.

Being quite tall meant that the house has to be designed to ensure Kari never felt uncomfortable in her home. The entire design feels open and expansive. Throughout the home, little touches make all the difference, such as raised kitchen counters. Instead of having a loft, Kari chose to cleverly incorporate a bed lift mechanism which allows the bed to rise and fall to ensure that she didn’t have to climb into an awkward and cramped sleeping loft.

One of the very clever design features in this home is the shower, which shares space with the wardrobe making the space extra functional! The wardrobe slides out of the way to expose the shower and pan below it. This clever design idea allows for much more room to be created in the home.

The decision to move into a tiny house on wheels was largely to do with a desire to live artfully giving Kari the time and space to create her art, her books and live a life of her choosingKari has written several beautiful books on her travels such as ‘The Art of Walking: An Illustrated Journey on the Camino de Santiago’. This can be found on Amazon here.

Her beautiful modern tiny house has found an ideal parking spot only minutes from downtown Portland, allowing her to live the city life while still having her own space. Be sure to watch the full video tour above to learn more about this stunning tiny house. 

She has also recently started a podcast which is all-out the journey of the Pilgrim, called Pilgrim Lost. I’ve recently recorded an episode with her and you can listen now for free here.