Tiny House

Get Ready To Fall In Love With This Tiny Home

Where Jono's skill as a builder and Eva's eye for design meet, something beautiful happens. Together, they have lovingly crafted the tiny home of their dreams. Now situated on an idyllic country section, this home is a true beauty to behold.

With elements of country-cottage and Scandinavian design, the home is spacious, stylish and charming throughout. It's bright, light exterior makes for quite a site surrounded by the lush green of a small country farm and with the dramatic backdrop of the mountains in the hinterland.

Upon entering this home, you'll find an incredibly clever lay-out and design ideas which are the result of years of panning. These are only overshadowed by the sheer beauty of what they have crafted together. Truly a spectacular home.

Originally built for just Eva and Jono, the tiny house has recently become a family home with the addition of their son. We hope you enjoy the tour of this very special tiny home. You can follow Eva and Jono's tiny house adventures via their Instagram