Tiny House

Enchanting Tiny House & Gardens On Generational Family Farm

This spectacular tiny house, situated on a multi-generational family farm, is absolutely breathtaking. Ruby grew up on this farm. The family has a deep connection to this land and it's where Ruby wanted to deepen her roots by building her own home.

Not wanting to get into a huge amount of debt, she wanted to keep her home small and simple and for that, a tiny house was the ideal solution. She has added onto the main tiny house structure by creating seperate buildings for both a shower / laundry room, as well as a toilet.

Inside the home is filled with furniture made from beautiful timbers which have all grown on the farm. Despite being a relatively newly constructed home, these warm additions carry an immediate sense of history into Ruby's home, while deepening the connection between the tiny house and the land. 

Ruby is a gardener by profession and the area all around her home has been exquisitely planted to create majestic, productive gardens. Plants even climb the exterior walls of the tiny house which helps to make the home feel even more enchanting.

This is an amazing tiny house which has been situated in an incredibly special place. We hope you enjoy the full video tour!