Tiny House

Dream Minimalist Tiny House in France

In this weeks episode we explore our very first tiny house in France! The tiny house movement has rapidly been growing in France which has now become a hot spot for tiny homes and small space design in Europe. Looking at this tiny house, you can quickly understand why! The home’s design is elegant, simple and very unique making it a dream, minimalist tiny house on wheels.

Celia and Damien were inspired to build a tiny house on wheels instead of going into a more conventional apartment or townhouse as they wanted to be able to live in the countryside, but also have the ability to travel in their home. Damien refers to his home on wheels as a bit like a snails shell, giving the couple the ability to easily travel and move to a new location.

Their tiny house, designed and constructed by French company Baluchon, is a great example of minimalist architecture. The design is compact, yet on the interior feels expansive and has absolutely everything the couple need. The stunning combination of green metal and cedar help the home to blend wonderfully into its current parking spot, a rural property on the outskirts of Nantes, France.

There’s a large open lounge space, a comfortable kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft which even has a small spare bedroom behind the main loft, a feature which was important to Celia and Damien who wanted the option of having a child and growing their family within the walls of the home.

There’s also a great office space, complete with a feature window offering panoramic views of the surrounding garden. The office was especially important to Celia who often works from home for her online business where she sells spiritual supplies such. as crystals, incense and cards.

Be sure to watch the full video tour (above) to learn more about this beautiful home and the inspiring couple who inhabit it. To find out more about this home, be sure to check out Celia and Damien’s YouTube Channel. You can also follow their journey on Instagram.