Container House

Couple Build Amazing Shipping Container Home For Debt-Free Living

In this weeks episode, we travel to Cowlitz County, Washington to visit an amazing shipping container home which is sure to impress! This stunning house has been constructed from one 40ft shipping container with another 20ft container stacked on top to create an impressive and fully featured home.

After selling their home in Vancouver, Washington, Jaimie and Dave were able to purchase some land and had a small nest egg, which they dreamed of turning into a debt and mortgage free home. With a desire to break free of the rat-race and live a life of their choosing without the financial burden of debt, the couple chose to construct an alternative house in the form of a shipping container home, doing all of the conversion work themselves.

In the midst of their build, their dreams of debt-free home ownership were almost shattered when Dave suffered a major brain bleed. Thankfully, Dave with Jaimie constantly by his side supporting him was able to recover from this ordeal and the construction of their shipping container home even become part of his recovery, as the home’s construction was used in his rehabilitation.

After years of hard work, fully landscaping their property and constructing not only their shipping container home, but also a large workshop on the property, the couple have a truly unique and beautiful place to call home. This is an inspiring story that you won’t want to miss, be sure to check out the full video tour of this amazing shipping container home (above) now!

To find out more about this container home and Jaimie and Dave’s story, you can visit their website. To keep up-to-date on the couples adventures, you can also follow them on Instagram.