Tiny House

Compact Tiny House Designed To Travel New Zealand

So many of us dream of a life on the road, and this family turned that dream into a reality by building a tiny house on wheels and traveling full time all over New Zealand. Their home is beautiful, functional, compact and perfectly designed to meet the unique needs of a traveling tiny house on New Zealand’s roads. 

CJ and Amy-Lee were inspired to see more of their own country. Both had heard stories from foreign travellers about all the places in New Zealand that they had yet to see for themselves. They decided it was time to explore more of their own back-yard while also providing their daughter Tilly with some valuable life experiences. A tiny house would be the perfect way to do just that while also providing a secure home for the family. They sold up their conventional home, constructed a tiny house on wheels and set out on their adventure.

The tiny house has been specially designed to meet the unique requirements of travel on New Zealand’s roads. Roads in New Zealand an often be quite small, windy and difficult to navigate and so the ultra compact design of this tiny house certainly makes it much easier to get around. The home is registered as a caravan, is completely off the grid and has a self contained certificate allowing the family to park up in a wide variety of places while still having all their needs met.

Of course, it’s also important that this home is fully functional and can accomodate the needs of this family of three. To make that possible, clever small space design ideas were incorporated to ensure the house could still be a practical home. Clever elements such as a hidden toilet in the bathroom, allow the tiny house to have a greater sense of space, while the pull-out deck adds valuable outdoor living space for the family once the home is parked up.

Enjoy the full video tour (above) of this super compact and cleverly designed tiny house on wheels. To find out more and follow along with the families adventures, you can find them on Instagram.