Tiny House

Colonial Cottage Style Tiny House Built For Only $8000

This week we explore an incredible colonial cottage style tiny house which has remarkably been constructed for only NZ$8,000 (US$5000). Almost entirely constructed out of reclaimed materials, this home is packed with a whole lot of style and character! 

Keith and Jen were inspired to build this home after a flood damaged their property and they were looking for a bit of a positive project to be able to focus on. The bare bones of this tiny house were found in an old swamp and the timber was all restored and brought back to life in this new project. 

Almost everything both inside and out of this build has been constructed from salvaged and up-cycled materials. From the 100+ year old iron roofing, to windows rescued from an old school house, everything that has gone into this build has a story. 

Keith and Jen have done all of the labour in this build themselves and that combined with 95% of the materials in this build being second hand has enabled this beautiful, stylish tiny house to be built for a remarkably affordable budget. It’s inspiring to see what’s possible with a tight budget, but a lot of creativity! 

Be sure to watch the full video tour (above) to find out more about this special colonial cottage style home. Keith and Jen run this tiny house as a BnB. To book your stay, click here