Tiny House

Amazing Lord Of The Rings Inspired Van Conversion

This amazing Lord of the Rings inspired van conversion is sure to impress! After his divorce, retired police officer turned wood-carver Glen wanted to do something different and follow his dream of converting a van into a wonderful tiny home on wheels.

As a wood carver, Glen is incredibly talented. Much of his art involves turning standard plywood into incredible mirrors and carvings. He has used this technique throughout his van conversion, notably on the door as well as the cupboards and this has given the van a striking, fantastical look.

Much of the van’s style was inspired by the fantasy movies, The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit series. His van has even been named Radagast after the brown wizard character from the Hobbit.

The entire van was done as a DIY project, where Glen has poured his heart and soul into constructing a home which is every bit as funtional as it is beautiful. This van has absolutely everything that he needs including plenty of space for entertaining, a comfortable king sized bed, a kitchen, bathroom and a cozy wood fire to complete the picture.

His home is currently parked up on a 4 acre woodland block which Glen purchased and where his van Radagast allows him to live on site as custodian of the woods.

Be sure to watch the full video of this spectacular van conversion and to find our more about the amazing artist who constructed it. To see more of Glens work, you can visit his pages on Facebook and Instagram.