Tiny House

Amazing DIY Tiny House Parked In Nudist Club

This amazing DIY tiny house is packed full of super clever small space design ideas. Every inch of this home has been thoroughly thought through to create a super functional and beautiful home for its builders / owners, Chris and Mariëlle. The home has also found a really unique parking spot, in a quiet corner of a nudist club!

Mariëlle and Chris wanted to construct a home for themselves. Chris has always had a passion for building and wanted to have his hand in constructing his own house. As the couple are both from different countries and wanted to be able to maintain freedom to move, a tiny house on wheels was the perfect solution. The affordability of the home meant they didn’t have to put all their eggs in one basket, and it’s simple to lock up and leave should they decide to venture overseas. Also, as first time do-it-yourselfers, a tiny house was the perfect project to learn some construction skills.

As an engineer, Chris spent a long time working through aspects of the home’s design to create a wonderfully functional space which is packed with some clever, unique features such as the crawl-in-wardrobe in the loft, a laundry chute which sends dirty laundry from the closet into the bathroom downstairs and loads of clever storage throughout the home.

This home also has the very first home bio gas digester that I’ve ever seen hooked up to a macerating toilet! In this design, waste from the toilet is pumped into a bio gas digester, which mixes with household food scraps and produces methane gas which is then used for cooking in the house! Super clever!

As far as parking spots go, this tiny house has found a very unique place to call home and is now parked up in a quiet corner of a nudist club! With dwindling membership numbers, many nudist clubs are finding themselves in need of a little extra cash and one club in Auckland was happy to rent the couple a place to park their tiny house. Even though the couple aren’t nudist’s themselves, they are able to enjoy their private parking spot and, when there’s nobody at the club, enjoy all of the facilities such as the swimming pool and spa.

Enjoy the full video tour (above) of this very clever tiny house on wheels! To follow Mariëlle, Chris and their future adventures, be sure to follow them on Instagram.