Tiny House

A Dream Tiny House Retirement - Simple Downsized Living At It's Best

Brenda and Peter sold up their big home and downsized into a brilliantly designed tiny house to free up capital and live big in their retirement! Their home is super low maintenance and gives them the freedom to focus on the things in live that really matter to them, spending quality time with their family and travel!

The home has a single level design with downstairs bedroom and everything has been designed to be highly functional and easily accessible. This tiny house has a huge kitchen, a great sized bathroom and loads of storage! Next to the main dwelling is an additional pod which functions as Brenda's craft room and Peter has his workshop, so there's still plenty of space for hobbies and keeping busy. The couple have also used some of the money from the sale of their large home to purchase a caravan allowing them to explore the country in style!

Their tiny house was constructed by their daughter Rebecca, who owns a tiny house building company. They were initially inspired to downsize after trying out tiny house living during lockdown and loved it so much, they felt their larger home no longer made sense.

This is a fantastic house design which has given Brenda and Peter greater quality of life in retirement. We hope you enjoy the tour!