In The Trees

150 Year Old Sailboat Transformed Into Pirate Ship Treehouse! ☠️

In this episode we visit an incredible 150 year old sailing ship which has been hoisted into the trees and turned into a pirate ship treehouse. This is just one of the incredible accomodation spaces that can be found at Tanglewood Retreat in Auckland, New Zealand and this week we will be exploring them all!

One of the things that I love about exploring tiny homes which have been created for temporary accomodation, is that often they can be incredibly experimental. People dare to be different and try things that they would never dare doing in their own full time homes. Taking an old sailing boat and giving it a new life in the tree tops is a fantastic example of that.

Tanglewood is an eco sanctuary which is situated on a regenerating property in rural Auckland. Designed to be a place for retreat, but also education, each of the acomodations is unique and offers insight into a different kind of sustainable building.

The pirate ship treehouse is a wonderful example of re-use and reclaiming of resources. Almost entirely constructed out of salvaged materials, this space is incredibly fun and creative. As soon as you see the old sailing vessel sitting amongst the trees, you know you’re about to experience something different! From the spiral staircase to the wine-barrel-crows-nest and secret rum stash, this is a true playhouse for grown-ups.

The cob cottage is beautifully constructed. It was built as part of an educational earth building workshop and shows what can be done by building with earthen materials. This dreamy space has been hand shaped and is covered in wonderfully artistic features such as the bottle walls and sculptures all over the exterior. Stepping inside, the entire space has been lovingly hand crafted and is again home to some wonderfully creative design such as the birds nest loft and incredible seed of life inlay floor design.

Even an old shed on the property has been transformed into a beautiful timber cabin, with wood-fired hot tub, pizza oven and an incredible outdoor entertaining area.

With limited kitchen and no bathroom facilities in the cabins, they are serviced by a eco friendly composting toilet building and a wonderful communal kitchen. This really is a place where you can leave the stresses of the world behind you.

Be sure to watch the full video tour of this very special place (above) now. To find out more about Tanglewood retreat, you can visit their website.