Epic Off-The-Grid School Bus Conversion


This school bus has been converted into a spectacular tiny home on wheels. Completely off-the-grid, with solar power and water supply, this is a house which is designed to go anywhere all while being a beautiful and functional home.

Nicholas and Francesca were inspired to quit their jobs and venture into skoolie living after watching a documentary film and realising it was something they would love to try. They were both unsatisfied with their jobs and lives in Chicago and felt ready for some real adventures.

The couple didn’t want to wait until retirement to start enjoying themselves, seeing their grandparents finally reach a level of financial and time freedom, but no longer having the health and fitness to really make the most of it. Instead, Nicholas and Francesca have sought out a lifestyle that allows them to enjoy life in their youth and explore the big world around them all from the comfort of their tiny home.

Stepping inside, there’s nothing bus-like about the interior of this home. Each and every corner has been beautifully designed to make it look as though it’s a conventional home. Even the dash-board has been converted into a comfortable sofa. For this couple, it was important that this school bus conversion really felt like a home with all the modern comforts and they have both put a lot of effort into making sure the skoolie is just as functional as it is beautiful. 

Be sure to watch the full video tour (above) to find out more about this incredible school bus conversion. To follow Nicholas and Francesca’s adventures, you can follow them on their Instagram.

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