Beautiful DIY Cottage Style Tiny House

Shaye and Tom’s Tiny House is nothing short of spectacular. Nestled amongst the bush in West Auckland, New Zealand it fits perfectly into it’s landscape, and feels light, spacious and warm. It’s obviously a house that has been built with love.

There are not too many Tiny House’s in New Zealand, and this was our first chance to visit one that’s already being lived in and get a feel for what the space may be like in our own Tiny House.

To find out more about Shaye and Tom’s Tiny House & Earth Building Adventures, make sure you check them out here.

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I'm a film-maker with a passion for small space design, permaculture, and downsized, eco-friendly living. Join me on my travels as I meet people from all over the globe who are living big lives in wonderful tiny houses!

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  1. Drew from Oz

    This house would work wonderfully with a good deck that either hinges and folds up against the house for transport, or travels separately and bolts on in a modular fashion.
    Exploring that, you could then make the kitchen more of an inside/outside hybrid, making the outdoors the extra room…..

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