Off The Grid

Incredible Salvaged Off The Grid Tiny House On Permaculture Farm

Murray, together with his wife Victoria and six year old daughter Grace has built a stunning home for their young family. After moving onto a property with friends in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, they needed to secure some housing form themselves on the property. With a limited budget, but unlimited imagination, Murray set about constructing a tiny house on wheels.

This tiny home story is about so much more than the house though. Located in the heart of a functional permaculture farm, this house is an art piece of sustainable design and integrated systems, from rain-water collection, to solar power and hot water heating, all the way through to natural grey water filtration and aquaponics.

Constructed on a 4 meter (13 ft) trailer, the home on wheels is almost entirely constructed from salvaged materials, much of which was found in hard rubbish collections. As a result, the home has taken on a wildly creative aesthetic which almost has a nautical appearance thanks to the unique shape and the porthole windows.

Inside, despite the minute footprint of the home, there is plenty of functional space for the family. This is thanks to some clever design work and brilliant three dimensional thinking. Murray refers to the design process of this home as playing a giant three dimensional game of Tetris. The mezzanine has been lowered taking over couch space from the couch and allowing the family to stand up at full height on the upstairs catwalk and in every corner of the home, the space has been cleverly utilised, no area going to waste.

Important to a functional family home, all members of the family are able to have their own private space in the home, where they can retreat and relax when needed, including Grace who has her own little cubby room which she can access either via the catwalk, or via a secret trap-door constructed over the little office.

Outside the home, the gardens are flourishing and there is plenty of food growing. For this family, it’s important to know where their food comes from, that it’s local and organically produced. Murray also enjoys experimenting with means of growing food, such as his home made aquaponic farm.

The home is charming in it’s own right, but when surrounded by such incredible landscape, community and organic permaculture farming, it becomes a true dream home. Be sure to check out the full video above for lots more information on this amazing tiny house and the surrounding property.