Boat Builder’s Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home

A 20ft Shipping Container can be a challenging space to work with when constructing a home. Thankfully, with years of experience building super-yachts and racing boats, shipwright Evans is no stranger to working in small spaces and when it came to building his own home he has done a truly spectacular job of, quite literally, thinking inside the box.

Shipping containers make a lot of sense as a base for constructing a home. Structurally they are incredibly sound and because they are designed for marine environments, they are well equiped to handle pretty much anything that nature can throw at them. Most people, when building a Shipping Container home, will modify the container by cutting holes for doors and windows. In his design however, Evans has left the entire exterior of the container structurally intact, meaning this 20 x 8ft home can still be shipped by sea, anywhere in the world.

Inside, the home is a truly masterful expression of years of Evans experience working on yachts, as well as a furniture maker. Natural timbers with rich tones make it difficult to believe that you are actually standing inside a stark, white, metal box. Much of the furniture inside the shipping container house is lovingly restored and recovered from the home that Evans previously shared with his wife Rosie, who passed away 4 years ago, allowing him to build her memory into his new home.

Testament to Evans’ efficiency with space, within this 20ft container there is even a fully functional bathroom, including a macerater toilet. The shower and basin are both full sized, meaning the experience of using the bathroom isn’t compromised. The bathroom walls are adorned with comical images which are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who enters the room.

Perhaps one of the main attractions in this home is the beautiful kitchen, which boasts a 4 burner gas stove, full sized fridge and even a washing machine which is hidden under the counter. The home is designed to be off-the-grid, but can also be connected to mains power. Behind the fridge are most of the homes utilities, including house batteries, solar controllers as well as water tanks.






Evans’ Shipping Container home is designed to be expanded upon, and the future plan for his home includes the addition of 2 more shipping containers. This clever concept allows the home to be completely functional as a stand-alone unit but also easily extended when necessary.

These homes have incredible potential, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. For anyone interested in contacting Evans to enquire about a shipping container home, they are able to e-mail him.

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Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House

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  1. Ted King

    Thank you both for a very fascinating concept. The fit and finish is superb. Really loved this video had have been sharing it with others. Can’t wait to see updates =)

  2. Jennifer Snuffleupagus

    I’ve oscillated between building a tiny home in our Bnb backyard out trying to arrange for a shipping container home on a piece of land. Both novel interesting construction ideas.
    Which would you rather build?

  3. OG

    I’ve been pondering building a tiny house for sometime. This is the vid that finally galvanized me into action. Excellent video. Excellent design. Credit to Evan’s, also, for so freely sharing his ideas. Superb.

  4. Mizanur Rahman

    Hi,this house is absolutely brilliant. I am inspired by this. Is that any how I can get information about this house. Or plan how I can build container home. Many thanks.

  5. Renne

    `Very nice design, very nice build shipping container Tiny House!

    Is there a chance to get the exact model of the 20ft container used?

    Any updates on the remaining plans?

    Would love to hear more about it!

  6. Joshua Knetes

    I do think the idea to have shipping container house is unquestionably very interesting. I don’t know if I’d manage to draw it off personally, but I’ve seen some lovely cool designs online for that sort of house. All the best with the modifying, and I hope it doesn’t get too hot or cold in there!

    Thanks for being sharing.

    Joshua Knetes

  7. Lisa manuel

    Such a wonderful design. I have always been relocating back home to Oz and buying a shipping container for my storage sometime later it was want to do just that so nice the info on Evan. Finally I can see what I can make of my shipping container.
    Superb interview and I love your you tube videos.

  8. Bronnie

    Hi Bryce. Thanks for the great article. Sadly I am also unable to make the email link work to find out more re plans etc from Evans. Any way to remedy this. I am from the Brisbane area (Aust) and would love to really downsize

  9. Richard Garrnett

    Hey Buddy!

    Basically, shipping container homes provide a secure and better lodging .Any home is a long-term investment, so you have to be absolutely sure that you will be pleased with your potential living situation before you spend thousands on it. Despite the fact that container homes are good, eco-friendly , you might find yourself yearning for the conveniences of a normal home after some time. Also, think about your space needs before you begin construction. When you have a huge family, or want a lot of bedrooms , you might need multiple shipping containers to have the homely house of your dreams.


  10. TC

    Hey Bryce, as a sailor I have a special appreciation for this project. We are looking to build a shipping container home ourselves with a local builder here in Miami, Florida. We do want to be able to transport it in the future and it would be really nice to learn more about how his sliding doors seemed to disappear when he opened up the house and opened the metal sides of the container. Since that part wasn’t shown and the whole thing appears to be open, we’re really wondering what happened to those glass sliders? Also people are saying the link to email Evans is not working. Please post his email address or another link so we can get in touch with him. Thank you so much! Really appreciate your blog !

    • OG

      If you take a quick peek around 5 min 11 sec – looks like they have used transparent plastic sheet rather than glass (you can see it moving in the wind).

      • Bryce

        True. That’s now been replaced with a bifold door. We will be filming an update on this place when we are back in NZ. 🙂

        • Blackfyr

          Oh, good! I was about to ask if there was going to be a follow up on this one once it had been completed. Good to know an update is coming.

  11. Neville Cameron

    problem I have with the side opening containers is that the end doors seem always to be on the right looking at the side of the container. In the Southern Hemisphere it would appear to work better the other way./

    • Eric

      Oh absolutely. Totally agree. Not only that, they should be upside down as well… /smh

  12. Michael

    Great idea, especially the expansion design rock solid and affordable.
    I really would like to get in touch with Evan. Unfortunately the email link doesn’t work.
    Bryce, thanks for sharing and please assist.

  13. Michael

    Very interesting, rock solid, option to ship worldwide and extension design.
    I would like to get in touch with Evan (email link doesn’t work)
    Bryce, thank for sharing and please help me to get in touch.
    Thank you

  14. Warren Jones

    Great information and beautiful craftsmanship.
    I would like to get in touch with Evans but i don’t see his contact info.

    Thank you

  15. Sherry

    Hey Bryce, great interview and I love the concept of the shipping container. Any suggestions as to where I can pick one up in NC? Also, I would like to follow along on your own Tiny House build,how do I do that?

    FYI: this interview was esp encouraging to me b/c I’m 62 (not too old), with a husband with Alzheimers and have been researching Tiny Houses to make our lives less complicated and be financially independent so we can really “live a little” while he still can to some degree.

  16. Hugo Bouckaert

    What makes this concept unique and different from other people using shipping containers as homes is that the container is kept intact and can be transported to to other locations. That has great advantages for people temporary moving for work or for other reasons. For the first time they now can not only take their belongings but also their entire home with them.

    The other impressive thing is the design. As the interviewer said, Evans has taken yacht design and especially the effective utilisation of space and applied it to a container – that is a very clever and original concept. Great workmanship and attention to detail as well, it looks absolutely fantastic on the inside! Well done!

  17. Soren Brockdorf

    Are there plans for this project

  18. Jay Johnson

    The only thing missing from the presentation is a floor plan diagram and some information on the installed utilities.

  19. Marilyn

    Thanks Bryce, what a wonderful design. I am relocating back home to Oz and buying a shipping container for my storage and later want to do just that so thanks for the info on Evan. Now I can see what I can make of my shipping container.
    Great interview and I love your you tube vids.

    • Bryce

      You’re welcome Marilyn! Best of luck with your own move and project. 🙂

  20. Elliot

    Wow what a great idea! And nice design man! Can you custom design one so I could have another bedroom for friends?

    • Bryce

      I’m sure he could! Get in touch with Evans using the e-mail link in the article.

  21. Rodney Dixon

    Great Article, I’m looking to do a few of these

  22. Marsha Adkins

    Love this tiny house. I am on disibality and living on a small $1,000 a month income. Is there any way I can get the plans as this place is so cool and would be affordable for me. Low utilities and easy upkeep. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, M. Adkins

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