Internet For Your Tiny House, RV or Boat in New Zealand

In the modern world, one of the things which helps to make a house a home is access to a good internet connection. Whether you’re watching YouTube videos or Netflix, or need to have a solid internet connection for your work, it’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to connect at high speeds. When searching out internet options for my tiny house in New Zealand, I found there to be a limited number of good solutions when it came to internet providers which could travel with me but one provider who stood out amongst the rest. In this article I’ll be talking about my Wireless Nation internet connection, the reason I chose them as a provider and why I think it’s currently the best internet option for tiny houses or RV’s in New Zealand currently.

The Wireless Nation internet router is compact and provides wireless high speed internet to tiny homes, RVs, Caravans and other homes which are unable to use wired internet.

Internet that allows you to move.

One of the stand out-features of a tiny house on wheels, is that it’s on wheels! If you’re in a traveling tiny house, RV, or even a boat for that matter, then having access to an internet provider which will allow you to connect while on the move and provide consistent wireless internet while traveling is very important. We chose to connect our tiny house on wheels using Wireless Nation, which we feel is the best option in terms of price, customer support and quality of service.

Take it with you wherever you go.

Although many tiny houses do tend to spend much of their time parked up in a single location, for some, like me, I travel all the time and so it’s great to be able to know that my internet is able to travel with me. This isn’t just limited to travel in your tiny house either and you’re able to always take your internet with you anywhere that you go in New Zealand. If you’re traveling with your car, Wireless Nation are able to provide a 12v adapter kit, which allows you to plug your router into the 12v outlet in your vehicle. When you have access to normal 240v plugs, then you’re able to use the standard plug which comes with the package. If you’re traveling overseas, you’re able to put your plan on hold until you return.

The DC to DC filter allows you to connect your Wireless Nation router to any 12v socket, meaning that you’re able to have access to internet while in your car. It’s also great for those with off-the-grid tiny homes, as this allows the modem to run natively in 12v and doesn’t have to run through an inverter.

Great for off-the-grid homes and remote locations.

If you’re home is off-the-grid, or running on Solar Power, the fact that you can use the DC to DC filter means that, not only can you power it in your car, you’re also able to run the router directly from your homes 12v DC system, bypassing the inverter. Some tiny homes, RVs, campers and off the grid cabins don’t use inverters and instead opt for only DC power and so if this is the case in your home, it’s great to know that this is a solution.

Even if you’re not on the move, many homes will be parked up in locations where you’re unable to connect to a wired internet service. For this reason, Wireless Nation can provide high-speed wireless internet to any location where you are able to get a cellular signal. Depending on the location and it’s coverage, your speeds may run at either 3g or 4g.

Great coverage means you’re able to get connected in most places, including 85% rural coverage and connection to 540 towers across the country. You can check the coverage in any area using this map.

3g and 4g packages.

Depending on how you like to use the internet, there are various plan options for you to choose from. If you need high speed internet (like we do for uploading videos on the road) then they even have high use capacity 4g plans available.

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