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    c dalton

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help inform me as a newbe to this site.
    I’m wanting to find out about rules & regulations when building a tiny house on wheels in nz. I’ve looked up my local council website but can’t find any relevant information. I gather from watching u-tube clips that you don’t need a building permit for tiny houses on wheels? Is this right?
    I’m wanting to build a little house on wheels. I’ve seen in America some little houses on trailers that are 3.6m wide in various lengths. These are fully transportable with what they call a pink slip. The size I am thinking of building is 3.5m x 9m (31.5 square m) which would put it in class 1 of oversized vechicles, which I think? doesn’t require a permit.
    Does anyone have any imformation about the rules or know where I can go to find out. Also is this slightly larger size still exempt from having to have a building permit. Any information would be greatly appreciated.




    I assume most of the tiny house builders tries to find a balance between cost/materials/lifestyle/flexibility. In case of NZ:
    1. You need a simple license for towing up to 3500kg trailer
    2. Most of the not-too-expensive trucks have a towing rating up to 3500kg too
    3. Trailer isn’t more than 2.5 meter width, to avoid extra route/road checks, licenses, so on
    4. Trailer isn’t more than 4.25 height(overall), to avoid extra route/road checks
    5. Building consent isn’t required, but you may have troubles insuring it + some camp sites might require you to have a kind of standard/certified plug to connect to water/grey-water or something.
    6. Building consent is required if you put it on site permanently. The definition of ‘permanently’ varies from one council to another (gray area of law), allowing them to manipulate with rules when the conflict goes to a court. So, basically, if you wish ‘permanent’ -> hide from council(it isn’t a pro-active detective, it waits for a neighbor complain) or pay for your stay on campsites (a legal way to live ‘almost’ permanent). The last isn’t bad to my mind, as you can live this winter in a mountain and play with the snow, and on the beach in summer. The site is about $100-150$ week which isn’t much more then just average council rate, but gives you a lifestyle that the rich guys spend their life trying to achieve.

    So getting out of dimensions above, even if you have your expensive truck, licenses, lots of petrol, so on, leads to a permanent headache of checking if there isn’t any tunnel on your route or how much is a ferry ticket.

    If you need square meters, you can make fold-out/slide-out structure. Comparing to the entire house cost, it isn’t much.

    PS: Info above isn’t out of my experience, it is collected over the internet.



    Hey, I thought Id comment even though this is an older post. perhaps you’re closer to your goals or perhaps I’m too late and you’ve already finished, who knows. After reading the above information, I feel that Nelubian did an excellent job at dissecting an accurate measure of the steps needed to begin a build and I would really touch much on that. But me personally, when considering a Tiny house as I have, I stumbled across a couple who had already successfully built out and was offering all the credentials including the full blueprints. Ideally, I would then be able to have in my possession everything I needed to construct the Tiny House and I could make any decorative or placement adjustments to my liking with my hired engineer as my consultant. It sped the process up exponentially and was very useful. Feel free to take advantage. you can go to (tinyhouseblueprints.weebly.com)

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