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    Hi Everyone,

    I have watched the video’s on the living big website for Monoway trailers and what they do seems to be perfect. Only thing is on the website it said there is a 19 week delay. The price doesnt seem too bad cosidering what you get, however would be interested to see if it could be reduced. Has anyone else come accross any other companies who can do custom tiny house trailers in Auckland? Would hope to have the trialer by Xmas so can work on it non stop over the summer holidays.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated,




    Hi Dlemkus,

    We got ours built by a guy in Levin and are very happy with it. He’s also the same guy Shaye and Tom used. It came out at $8,500 including spare wheel and bluetooth braking system (so it works with any vehicle). It is not hot dipped galvanised though which would add a fair chunk to the cost, but it has a galv paint primer and 2 layer paint job which is fine for where we live.

    He said he has about a 4 week wait and through the summer he gets very busy with furniture making, but you may be able to get in before he gets too busy with that. He has a listing on trademe showing what he can do, user name is ‘maccrocapa man’ or something similar.

    I realize he’s not in Auckland, but we sorted everything by phone and emails no worries and only had to make one trip down to pick it up.

    Good luck with your project!



    I saw that guy on trade me aswell. His work looks very good and for a decent price. I would definitely recommend him if you were a bit impatient.



    Thanks for sharing Oli, will look him up as I am in Wellington.

    Noho ora mai



    Does anyone know of a trailer manufacture closer to the Waikato as I would like a 3m wide trailer which would require a permit to move so don’t really want to have to travel to far for it???


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